60hr  - Ethiopia Girma Eshetu
60hr  - Ethiopia Girma Eshetu

60hr - Ethiopia Girma Eshetu

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Part 3 .......

Now everyone should have an idea what the yeast, in generally, does to the coffee from the 30hr and 40hr. The 60hr shows if there is such a thing as a law of diminishing returns or more is always better. Lets see if giving the yeast more time to dominate the fermentation process can positively effects the coffee. LET US KNOW!!

Here's what we wanted to find out:

Does the quality improve as you increase the contact period from 0 to 30hr to 40hrs  to now 60hrs?

How much of a difference is there?

YOUR FEEDBACK FOR THE 30HR & 40HR was fantastic... KEEP IT COMING FOR THE 60Hr !! 

               60-hour underwater yeast fermentation of freshly pulped parchment

 You get:

1lb - 60hr Ethiopia Girma Eshetu


4oz - CONTROL Ethiopia Girma Eshetu

We want your feedback!! Let us know what you like and don't like so we can report back to Mr. Girma Eshetu with some results.