Colombia Micro Lot #4 - Andres Restrepo

Colombia Micro Lot #4 - Andres Restrepo

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This is the 4th coffee in our series of micro lots we sourced from Colombia this year. Micro Lot #4 comes from Andres Restrepo.  Andres's dream was to be a coffee farmer. It took years for him to save enough to buy his own farm, which is why he has named the farm “Asmodel” after the angel of patience. Being a relatively "new" coffee farmer, he has made some smart choices, namely choosing to grow the coffee varietal caturra chiroso. This varietal has allowed his coffee to stand out with its unique flavor profiles. Andres Restrepo farm produced roughly 8 -70Kg bags of green coffee to sell on the world market. We were able to secure 2- 70kg bags for our Black Label Colombia Micro Lot Series. We are excited to support a new and eager farmer such as Andres Restrepo. Hopefully you will like his coffee enough so we can be support him again next year.  

A washed processed caturra chiroso varietal coffee, sun dried on raised beds 

Medium bodied coffee with flavor notes of:

Pink lemonade, milk chocolate, and dates