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We have never brought in a coffee from Ecuador before. We are excited that we found Olger Roger's coffee to bring to everyone.
In 1996, Olger Roger and his wife Magda Zabala moved to Nanegal, Ecuador, looking for better job opportunities. They were the first to start in the coffee business in the region when Olger started planting coffee on his 10 acre farm in 2007.  This farm, located 1160 meters above sea level, is home to 9000 coffee-producing plants. 


 Coffee is a family business for the Rogel-Zabala family. Everyone has their own role. Roger does the agronomic part. His wife checks everything related to roasting, and his daughter categorizes all the processes they have. His other two sons are getting involved with packing and selling.

 Olger Roger and his family focuses specialty coffee and currently grow Pure Arabica. Besides their farm, they have a coffee shop and two distribution centers in Quito. Now, Olger is working on developing new varieties of coffee beans and he hopes to work with the Sidra variety soon.

Processing : HONEY

Varietals:  Typica

Smooth Full bodied coffee with flavor notes of:
Sugar Cane, Plums, Apples,  Pineapple

8oz Bags