Guatemala Honey Geisha
Guatemala Honey Geisha

Guatemala Honey Geisha

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  8oz Bags

We are soooo excited to bring you the world renowned GEISHA varietal. This varietal was 1st made famous in the mountains of Panama. Auction prices for the Panama Geisha are well over $100 a pound. Lucky for us the seedlings have found their way to other countries. We found one we love from the San Marcos region of Guatemala. The Geisha varietal is hard to grow and takes a farmer willing to take meticulous care of it. We found that farmer in Johann Nottebohm. Everything on the farm is done to precision. Coffee rows are straight and clean. Picking is done slow and methodical making sure only the ideal ripe cherries are harvested.  Not only is the Geisha varietal a beautiful cup of coffee but Johann added his subtle touch to it by putting it through a honey process. It just adds a subtle layer of complexity to the overall flavor.



Processing : Honey
Varietals: Geisha
Smooth silky bodied coffee with flavor notes of:
Honey, Pears, subtle blueberries with a light floral note