Mexico - SAN MATEO

Mexico - SAN MATEO

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It starts off with a slight honey roasted nuts style sweetness. Then you will be soon hit with memories of hanging out around the campfire, eating S'mores, as you taste notes of Hershey chocolate. It has a hint of burnt fluffy marshmallows with an aftertaste of graham crackers. It's the perfect coffee to cozy up in a winter snow storm. 

Mexico is for coffee lovers. Few origins offer such variety, such competency, and such short flights to the farm. While often overlooked by their neighbors to the north, Mexico is the world’s 7th largest coffee producer, the largest exporter of organic coffees, and a fast-growing consumers of specialty coffee.  

The region of La Cañada in Oaxaca remote, with rugged terrain, and dotted with small family farms. These farmers are the proud, independent, rough and tumble types who thrive in this climate, as do the agave and coffee plants they grow. The people here speak Spanish as a second language, if at all, and identify instead as Ixcatecos, Mazatecos, Cuicatecos, Nahuas and Mestizos.

Processing : Washed 
Varietals: Bourbon, Typica
Smooth Full bodied coffee with flavor notes of:
Honey covered almonds, S'mores , toasted coconut  

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