Nicaragua - Finca Idealista - Natural

Nicaragua - Finca Idealista - Natural

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Finca Idealista's Family Farm

Finca Idealista, the flagship farm of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, is a prime example of how to change the world through coffee. Idealista uses machetes instead of herbicides, a mushroom to kill insects instead of pesticides, volcanic filters to keep mucilage-filled wash-water out of the watershed, and chickens roost above the farm's compost to infuse it with nitrogen. Pickers are paid double local rates. Did we mention that FincaIdealista bought a rainforest just to protect it?The door is always open for visitors.

This coffee will give you all the warm and fuzzies inside. Make sure you grab a bag before it's gone.

Processing : Natural 
Varietals: Bourbon
Smooth Full bodied coffee with flavor notes of:
 Strawberry Jam, White Grapes,  Mango