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Make Great Coffee

Steps On How To Make Coffee

Brewing coffee at home can be easy, educational, and truly enjoyable. As long as one has five minutes of extra time, they can enjoy some of the best coffee in their very own home. In this brewing guide, we are only offering mere suggestions. Just as there is no single way to roast a particular coffee, there is no single way to brew coffee. There are french presses, siphon pots, moka pots, manual pourovers, drip coffee makers, and so on. In addition to each individual brew method, one can play with dosing, time, turbulence, and other important factors that will all affect the final brew. The options are endless.

Before we begin though, there are a few pieces of equipment that can greatly improve the quality and control of your coffee at home.

  • Timer- this will allow you to accurately control the time of each brew.
  • Scale- this will allow you to accurately weigh all components to effectively control the ratio elements between every brew.
  • Grinder- As in many products, coffee is negatively affected by exposure to oxygen. As soon as you grind the coffee, it immediately starts to stale at a much quicker pace and loses it's aromatics within minutes. By grinding coffee directly before you brew, you are experiencing coffee at its peak of freshness.

In addition to these handy tools, let's also set out a few parameters that can be applied to majority of the brewing methods.

  • Always use filtered water- because brewed coffee is 98% water, the quality of that water matters greatly.
  • Coffee to water ratio-  10gr of coffee per 6oz of water
  • Water brewing temperature- 195-205F