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Our Colombian Coffee Farmers

Coffee takes on the flavors of the farm and personality of the farmer. To know your coffee you must know your farmer. But this works both ways - when a farmer knows you they put extra effort and pride into all that they do. And this is the power of intentional trade - your coffee was grown, picked, pulped, processed, shipped and roasted - just for you. We made a trip down to Medellin Colombia to find farmers we believe in and can establish a long term relationship with. This is an important trip for us since we sell more Colombian coffee then any other. We were able to meet Pedro and his whole family. We choose his family's farm not only because they produce a great tasting cup of coffee but because they also go above and beyond for providing for their workers. For example, pickers make 3x Colombia's min wage on their farm, and they support a local school for the children of the pickers and the residents in the surrounding area. They do all this because they understand investing in their workers allows them to attract the best talent around. We are proud to offer Pedro and his family's coffee.