Colombia Anaerobic Geisha

Colombia Anaerobic Geisha

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This anaerobic lot comes to us from Santa Barbara located over 2000 meters above sea level in Algeciras, Colombia. Jhon Samboni has owned this 32 hectare specialty coffee farm for 5 years. Jhon loves experimenting with different types of processing methods. He recently took a specialty coffee course on fermentation which has enabled him to produce anaerobic lots like this one. To produce, they put the ripe cherry and water in tanks for five days. Then they’ll drain the water and spread on raised beds and patios for 20 to 30 days. This unique process develops a complex, rich profile with notes of Floral ,  Raspberry,  Honey, and Red Apples.

 Processing : Anaerobic

Varietals: Geisha

Smooth bodied coffee with flavor notes of:

Floral , Raspberry, Honey, Red Apple 

Comes in 8oz Bags