Colombia Micro Lot #5 - Wilson Quintero

Colombia Micro Lot #5 - Wilson Quintero

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This is the 5th coffee in our series of micro lots we sourced from Colombia this year. Micro Lot #5 comes from Wilson Quintero. Wilson Quintero's coffee story is one of perseverance. Wilson has been in coffee his whole career. He started out as a day worker on larger farms, more specially he was a coffee picker (one who picks the ripe coffee cherries from the trees). He was able to save his money to be able to own his own farm only to have to abandon it because guerrilla military groups in Colombia terrorized the area. After years of waiting and working on other farms he has been able to come back to his land and able produce the coffee he loves. He is hoping that the farm will be able to finally support his family for generations to come.  Wilson Quintero farm produced roughly 14 -70Kg bags of green coffee to sell on the world market. We were able to secure 2- 70kg bags for our Black Label Colombia Micro Lot Series. We are excited to support Wilson Quintero who is now living out his dream of being able to share his passion of coffee with the rest of the world. Hopefully you will like his coffee enough so we can be support him again next year.  

A washed processed caturra varietal coffee, sun dried on raised beds 

Medium bodied coffee with flavor notes of:

Green Grape, Grapefruit, Creamy mouth feel, with a baking spice finish