Pacamara - Nicaragua Natural

Pacamara - Nicaragua Natural

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The Pacamara Natural is the coffee you find long before it hits the mainstream, like when you find a band before everyone else. Right now the Pacamara Natural is the up and coming group playing in dive bars just waiting to hit it big.  It has all the elements.  The good looking lead singer with it's first notes of sweet cherry pie, the punky but steady drummer with its rich chocolate undertones, and the mysterious guitar player with the unexpected hints of your favorite baking spices. But the lyrics are what makes this band good with its rich flavors and clean smooth aftertaste.

You stumbled upon these rising stars when your friend begged you to go with them to meet up with their crush who happened to be really into this band headlining at the bar near you. You begrudgingly go, have yourself a drink and settle in not knowing what to expect. Waiting for the headliner to come on you catch the opening act, Pacamara.  Not your normal type of music but you find yourself humming along even though you have never heard the song before. You ask your friend's crush who they are only to get a response of "who cares, the real band comes on next". You pull out your phone, open shazzam and immediately add them to your spotify playlist. Fast forward two years and they are headlining Lollapalooza with your buddy asking you to go with him and his "crush" to see their new favorite band.   

Put this coffee on your playlist before it hits it big.
Processing : Natural
Varietals: Pacamara 

Smooth silky bodied coffee with flavor notes of:
Papaya, Cherry, apple, blackberries, with slight notes of baking spices