Cigar & Coffee Pairings

Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Aged & Nicaraguan Oliva V cigar!! 

Coffee, bourbon, cigar lovers unite!!! An incredible combination of our Escobar's Blend Whiskey Barrel Aged coffee, enjoyed with a fine Nicaraguan Oliva V cigar!! The coffee has a "creamy" mouth-feel with subtle notes of dark chocolate and smoke, and a hint of nuttiness! There is also an intoxicating smell of bourbon/liquor that is incredibly pleasant on the palate, as the sweetness of the bourbon, without the bite, shines through on both the nose and mouth! Add in the full bodied Oliva V cigar that produces smoky hints of dark chocolate, leather, tobacco, and luscious smoke, and you've got a cigar and a coffee that were made for each other!!

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Sulawesi & Padron 2000

Padron 2000 with the Sulawesi. Normally Im not a big fan of the Sulawesi but when paired with the Padron 2000 it was incredible!!!  The cigar brought out the creaminess and chocolate notes of the coffee and the coffee brought out the sweetness of the cigar. Overwhelming raisin taste!!! Incredibly complimentary

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Colombia & My Father's Cigar Le Bijou

Colombian with a My Father's Cigar Le Bijou. Very interesting.  Cigar is peppery and spicy but toned down considerably with the Columbian. The berry/acidity mixed well with the spice. 2 entirely different taste profiles that were exaggerated and toned own all at once. Again, the cigar brought out the chocolate note in the coffee.

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Sumatra & Oliva V Melanio

I happened to have an Oliva V Melanio in my humidor that I had been saving. It's a pricey cigar but one of my absolute favorites!!! It's a complex cigar in regards to notes, with a bit of an earthy, creamy undertone on the finish. Up front the cigar has a breadlike, "toastlike" note. It is made with a Sumatran seed wrapper so I decided to pair it with our Sumatra coffee. Interesting in that I love Sumatran coffees in blends but not usually as a stand alone coffee. The Oliva V Melanio really brought out the earthiness of the coffee and toned down the darkness of the roast needed to bring out the characteristics of the coffee. Neither the Melanio or the Sumatra coffee is generally characterized as "sweet" but honestly at times I swear I felt like I was tasting sweet bread while enjoying both. Interesting in that both are very "earthy", and while there was definitely no acidic taste, there was no bitterness either. A very interesting pair that I will definitely enjoy again!!!!!

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