CAFE - non coffee drink options

A successful cafe caters to a diverse range of customers, including those who may not be coffee enthusiasts. Here are some non-coffee drinks that a cafe should consider offering:

  1. Tea Selection:

    • Provide a variety of high-quality teas, including black, green, herbal, and specialty blends. Offer options for hot and iced tea.
  2. Hot Chocolate:

    • A classic and comforting choice, hot chocolate appeals to both adults and children. Consider offering different flavors such as mint, salted caramel, or white chocolate.
  3. Chai Latte:

    • Chai lattes, made with spiced tea concentrate and steamed milk, are popular and offer a flavorful alternative to coffee.
  4. Iced Tea and Iced Tea Lemonades:

    • Offer a refreshing selection of iced teas, and consider adding fruit flavors or combining with lemonade for a cool twist.
  5. Fruit Smoothies:

    • Provide a range of fruit smoothies with options for dairy or non-dairy bases. Include flavors like berry, mango, or tropical blends.
  6. Lemonades and Fruit Infusions:

    • Create refreshing lemonades with the option to add fruit infusions like strawberry, raspberry, or cucumber for a burst of flavor.
  7. Italian Sodas:

    • Customize Italian sodas with flavored syrups and sparkling water. Add a splash of cream for a creamy soda variation.
  8. Mocktails and Virgin Drinks:

    • Design non-alcoholic mocktails or virgin versions of popular cocktails to cater to customers who prefer alcohol-free options.
  9. Coconut Water and Fresh Juices:

    • Offer healthier alternatives such as coconut water and freshly squeezed juices like orange, apple, or watermelon.
  10. Sparkling Water:

    • Provide plain and flavored sparkling water options for customers seeking a fizzy and hydrating beverage.
  11. Milkshakes:

    • Indulge customers with creamy milkshakes in various flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.
  12. Iced Horchata:

    • Horchata, a traditional Mexican rice-based drink, can be served over ice for a sweet and spiced non-coffee option.
  13. Kombucha:

    • Offer a selection of kombucha flavors for those interested in probiotic-rich and fizzy beverages.
  14. Hot Apple Cider:

    • Warm up your menu with hot apple cider, optionally spiced with cinnamon and cloves.
  15. Flavored Lemonade:

    • Enhance classic lemonade with additional flavors like lavender, ginger, or mint for a unique twist.

Ensure that your non-coffee options are well-promoted on your menu and include appealing visuals. Offering a variety of refreshing and flavorful non-coffee drinks will help attract a broader customer base and create a welcoming environment for all patrons. Need help? Contact us.