Coffee Tasting Class

Coffee Tasting Class

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Do a coffee cupping (tasting) at HOME!!! This is a great way to figure out what coffees you like.  We have made it simple and easy with our cupping kit. You will get 5 premeasured packets of coffee that works with 8 to 12oz size coffee mugs. You will get to sample a coffee from each coffee growing region (Central & South America, Africa, and Indonesia) as well as try a natural processed coffee. 

Once purchased we will reach out with an available schedule to join us on a virtual  cupping session (through zoom). We will conduct small group cupping sessions so you be able to participate and follow along.  


**CONTACT US HERE for private cupping sessions for groups of 4 or more**


Coffee Inside: Costa Rica, Brazil, Burundi, Ethiopia (Natural), Sumatra


You will need:

5 - 8-12oz mugs

2 - spoons

60- 75oz of hot water