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This coffee has a slightly floral and spicy, yet mild aroma. With a clean medium body, citric flavors of lime and melon are followed by a nutty and dry aftertaste.

This coffee comes from a family estate. We picked this family's farm not only do they produce a great tasting cup of coffee but because they also go above and beyond for providing for their workers. They pay their pickers 3x Colombia's min wage, they provide funding for the local school, and they provide their pickers insurance in case of injury on the job. This is unheard of in the coffee industry. They do all this because they understand investing in their workers allows them to attract the best talent around which in turn helps them produce the best coffee.


  • Region: Antioquia - Medellin

  • Santa Barbara Estate

  • Altitude Grown: 1600 Meters

  • Varietal: Castillo

  • Process: Fully Washed


Cigar Pairings: My Father's Cigar Le Bijou

Cigar is peppery and spicy but toned down considerably with the Columbian. The berry/acidity mixed well with the spice. 2 entirely different taste profiles that were exaggerated and toned own all at once. Again, the cigar brought out the chocolate note in the coffee.